Best Bingo Chat Games

Now that you’ve learnt more about chat games, you are probably starting to wonder where to find the best Bingo chat games.

Finding Bingo Chat Games

Finding Bingo chat games is not as tricky as you may have thought. As a rule of thumb, a good online Bingo site will offer good chat games.

Here are a few things you should check off when considering chat games:

  • Do the prizes make the chat games worth playing?
  • What rules do the games have, and are the rules easy to follow?
  • Is there a variety of games played throughout the day rather than the same ones every hour?
  • Do the Chat Hosts help players join the fun and do they manage the games properly?
  • Do the players in the chat seem to be having fun and enjoying the games?

Top Bingo Chat Games

We’ve played all types of games, from easy ones to challenging ones, and have been able to bring you a list of top Bingo chat games.

Here are our favourites:

  • Buddy Games. These are great as they give you an easy chance to win, and also help you make friends in the chat.
  • Trivia. Whether it’s Pub Quiz or Celeb Trivia, it’s always fun to test your knowledge against your friends.
  • Mirrored Numbers or Double Numbers. Both of these games are fun, as you need to watch out for certain numbers carefully and then be first to shout them out.
  • Alpha Buddies. You simply need to have your nickname start with the winner’s nickname to win in this one, easy peasy!
  • CH Choice. This is always fun as the Chat Host on duty gets to chose the game. That means that you never know what game is up, which keeps you on your toes.

Finding and playing the best Bingo chat games is easy once you know what to look for – and remember, the main thing is to always have fun!

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