Bingo Chat Game Bonus

Earning a Bingo chat game bonus can help you go on to win a bigger jackpot. This may sound unbelievable – but read on to find out how chat bonuses help you win bigger prizes.

Bingo Bonus

A Bingo bonus is simply points or extra credits that are awarded by Bingo sites to players.

Other than chat bonuses, there are other types of bonuses that players can earn in Bingo, including the following:

  • Free tickets to try the game. These can be used to play Bingo, and could even get you a Bingo win.
  • Sign Up bonuses. Many sites offer new players a special bonus for joining and funding their accounts to play with real money.
  • Promotional bonuses. Some sites offer specials and promotions for players to win extra bonuses during certain time periods.

Chat Game Points

Chat game points are the special credits given to players for winning chat games. These prizes vary depending on the type of game and the Bingo site.

Most games give players between one and two Bingo points, which are roughly the equivalent to a Pound in value.

Chat points generally can not be cashed out, and players must make sure that they read the rules to ensure that they follow the correct chat bonus procedure.

How To Use Chat Game Bonuses

You might be wondering how to use chat game bonuses if you can’t cash them out? Well, the good news is that you can use your points to buy tickets to play Bingo.

Here are some benefits to earning chat bonuses:

  • You don’t have to use your own funds to buy tickets. This can save you quite a few quid.
  • If you put your bonus back into play, and you win, you are often able to cash out your prize.
  • You can hit the big jackpot while you’re playing chat games, which means that not only are you making extra points, but you’re also in line to win a big prize.

Make sure you win a Bingo chat game bonus to boost your Bingo funds!

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