Bingo Chat Room

The Bingo chat room is where all the chat game fun happens. This is also where you get to chat to other Bingo players while you play Bingo and chat games, which makes it the best place to be!

Bingo Chat Lingo

Bingo chat lingo terminology covers special shortcuts that players use in the chat room to talk to each other. This makes it quicker and easier to type fast to keep up, and also adds some fun to the chat.

Here are a few of the most common chat lingo terms:

  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • WTG – Way To Go
  • WD – Well Done
  • HB – Hurry Back
  • TY – Thank You
  • YVW – You’re Very Welcome
  • GLE – Good Luck Everyone

Bingo Chat Features

Bingo chat features allow you to make the most of your chat experience.

Here are some of the best chat features:

  • Chat Emoticons. Smileys, cross faces, laughing faces and other fun emoticons allow you to show how you feel in the chat.
  • Chat Font Size. This is a lifesaver for those with glasses, as it enables you to make the font bigger or smaller to suit your vision.
  • Chat Colours. This is a great way for players to personalise their chat by changing their chat font colour to suit their mood.

Bingo Chat Fun

There is nothing quite like Bingo chat fun to brighten your day. And there is just so much fun to be had in the chat room…

Here are some of the most fun things about Bingo chat:

  • Chat Hosts are there to make you feel welcome, and make the room like one big family.
  • You get to know people from all over the world, who become good friends – in good times and bad.
  • Chat games are a good laugh for all players, and give a lot of excitement in the rooms.
  • Once you get to know people in the room, the atmosphere is a lot like it is at a bingo hall.

There is no doubt about it – the Bingo chat room is the best place to have fun and win!

Learn about good chat ethics on the Bingo Chat Etiquette page.