Bingo Chat Game Rules

Bingo chat game rules are guidelines and terms to make sure that all players have a fair chance to win.

Chat Game Rules

Chat game rules are usually very straightforward and easy to understand, to make sure that all players can easily play the games.

Here are some of the most important rules to remember when playing chat games:

  • Players need to be in the chat room to win chat games. If you use Auto Buy features that enable you to pre-buy games when you’re not at home, you won’t be eligible to win chat games if you’ve left the room.
  • Most sites only allow players who’ve brought tickets for the Bingo game to play chat games. This is mainly to make it fair for the players who have deposited, and ensures that everyone has an equal chance.
  • Some sites go even further and put a limit on the number of chat games a player can win in an hour or day. This isn’t very common however, but does lessen the chances of the same player winning often.

Chat Game Bonus Rules

In addition to the game rules, there are also chat game bonus rules to consider. These rules ensure that the bonuses are not abused by players, to keep it fair for all.

Here are some examples of chat bonus rules:

  • Chat bonuses can be used to buy tickets, but they cannot be withdrawn. This is to prevent new players from winning free points and then cashing out without ever buying tickets.
  • At most sites, only depositing players are eligible for chat bonuses. Again this is to prevent players winning free points without buying tickets.
  • Chat points can only be used to play Bingo, so they cannot be used to play mini games or casino games at the site.

These Bingo chat game rules may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you’ve read through them and you start playing, you will soon see how important they are in making Bingo a fun, fair game for all.

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