Bingo Chat Game Types

While there are many, many different chat games, there are three main Bingo chat game types.

Trivia Chat Games

Trivia chat games are games that are based on questions that players must answer correctly to win. The first player to type in the answer in the chat is the winner.

Types of trivia games could include the following:

  • Celebrity Trivia: Players are asked questions about well-known celebrities.
  • Pub Quiz: These games usually include general knowledge questions.
  • Movie Trivia: Players are asked questions about popular movies.
  • Karaoke Games: Players are given the line of a popular song, and must give the name of the artist.

Number Chat Games

Number chat games are games where players need to pick one or more numbers from the Bingo board. They must then watch the game closely to see if their numbers are called.

Type of number games could include the following:

  • First Ball Out. Players must all give the Chat Host a number, and the player who gave the number of the first ball out wins.
  • Lucky Numbers. Players give three numbers to the Chat Host, and the player who has all their numbers come out wins.
  • Winning Number. Players must guess the number of the winning Bingo ball. The first player to give the correct answer wins.

Buddy Chat Games

Buddy chat games give all players a chance to win, even if they are not the actual chat game winner.

Here are a few types of buddy games:

  • Up or Down Buddies. Players who are above or below the Bingo winner in chat win a prize.
  • Birthday Buddies. All players who share the birthday of the Bingo winner win a prize.
  • Alphabet Buddies. All players whose nicknames start with the nickname of the Bingo winner get a prize.

No matter which of the Bingo chat game types you prefer, all of them offer a fun way to earn extra prizes.

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